Pictures of SMURD activity in Orăștie, 8 paramedics with employment are employed by the ASO.


Health and life education: First-Aid courses


   Each year we conduct projects through partnerships with schools in the city and the communities such as students and teachers learn how to provide first aid.

   In hot summer days, our paramedics give first-aid and advice in volunteer work.



Medical service


   Since July 2012, we have been accredited for this service line and from June 2013, we have completed with the city hospital of Orăștie, a protocol for cooperation.

   The ambulance service is provided by three volunteer paramedics.



Hot days of summer First-Aid

Medical care at home

Quadruped samaritan – Savior canin crew


   A dog rescuer trained, an invaluable aid when people are reported missing or misplaced. The dog DIAMOND, belonging to Grațian Dîncșorean volunteer is trained to search for people under debris or scattered whatever the wether may be, day or night, quickly and precisely and above all FREE!