Funding Project "Retirement Home"

Humanitarian Aid Offered by the ASO

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Since July 2012 we have been accredited for this service line and from June 2013, we have completed with the city hospital of Orăștie, a protocol for cooperation. The ambulance...


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In 2008 we discussed the initiative of a nursing home in Orăștie/Broos. In 2009 the city council Orăștie provided an absolutely decrepit building. The landmarked Building from the City Council decision was provided...


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A humanitarian aid to raise funds for a seriously ill 2 year old boy, Darius, was organized in collaboration with the local radio station "Radio Color" in 2009 to allow the parents and the child...


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Arbeiter Samariter Brund - Germany

Bürgermeisteramt und Stadtrat Orăștie

Ministerium der Regionalentwicklung und offentliche Verwaltung...


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