Socila service line has been accredited since 2007 by order Nr. 160/24.03.2011, Social Care for 10 seniors that have the "Meals on the Wheels" available 3 times a week, they receive medical care and take our advisory services.

   For our welfare, we annually receive financial support from the City Council Orăștie under the Law 34/1998, to wich we have contributed from our own resources to supply those 10 people.


Packages that we have dealt 2006-2013


2006 - 20 packages

2007 - 53 packages

2008 - 42 packages

2009 - 85 packages

2010 - 34 packages

2011 - 44 packages

2012 - 58 packages

2013 - 12 packages



The packages include basic food , hygiene and detergent, to Christian holidays also some belongings.



Images of packages deliverys to needy seniors in ASO projects

Seniors who were supported by ASO

Seniors whom have been presented with electronic home appliances for their disposal.

Meals on Wheels

Humanitarian aid offered by the ASO in the period 2006-2013


   In the period 2006-2013 we supported individuals or institutions with whom we work with assistants, crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, diapers, furniture, electrical appliances, medical equipment.

Funding project RETIREMENT HOME


   In 2008 we discussed the initiative of a nursing home in Orăștie/Broos. In 2009 the city council Orăștie provided an absolutely decrepit building. The landmarked Building from the City Council decisionwas provided for rent free of charge for 25 years.

   In 2009 we signed a contract with the company Tripexpert from Deva to prepare the feasibility study and the technical project - but we also had a financial support of the ASb BV.

   2010 after accreditation of the "Centrul Rezidențial pentru persoane vârstnice/elderly care", we submitted

the project application to ADR-VEST to get EU funding for Structural Funds POR 2007-2013.

   March 2011, the application was approved and the loan agreement was signed in December 2011, the project that is now being implemented and should have been done long ago.

Fundraising events


   The club organizes events to raise money and takes the occasion as Christian holidays such as Easter and/or Christmas, the May festival, together with the community Orăștioara de Sus Costeștiwhere an exhibition and sheep market takes place and on 5 December, the International Volunteer Day.

Humanitarian aid offered by the ASO


   A humanitarian aid to raise funds for a seriously ill 2 years old boy, Darius, was organized in collaboration with the local radio station "Radio Color" in 2009 to allow the parents and the child a hospital stay in Paris/France.

   Overall, in our one week we collected 8700,45 lei and 170 euros. It was enough and now the boy is healthy and doing well.

   2013, we have helped out a very sick girl who is quite poor with 500 lei, we have just completed the remainder of a sum which was necessary for the operation.

The annual amounts charity events:


   Tradition is for the ASO the annual Christmas charity event in which our partners, supporters, entrepreneurs and individuals participate.

   Winter event 2006 -  7.620,00 lei

   Spring event 2007 -  7.795,00 lei

   Winter event 2007 - 14.330,00 lei

   Spring event 2008 -  5.400,00 lei

   Christmas event 2008 - 9.402,50 lei

   Spring event 2009 - 4.800,00 lei

   Christmas event 2009 - 4.800,00 lei

   Christmas event 2011 - 6.150,00 lei

   Christmas event 2012 - 7.500,00 lei


   overall 67.797,50 lei

Helmstedt volunteer work of ASB-Voluntary and the firemen from Orăștie/Broos: plaster, painting and restoring furniture.

Brochures to the project NURSING HOME


   Information Brochure No. 1, 150 pieces printed at the beginning of the implementation of the project "retirement home" on Jan 20, 2012.

   Information Brochure No. 2, 150 pieces printed, distributed for the opening event from 19th February 2012, in the hall of the City Council Orăștie.


   Information Brochure No. 3 to the construction stage of the nursing home, printed 150 pieces on Jul 27, 2012, distributed to partners, employees, sponsors/supporters of the ASO.

   Information Brochure No. 4, printed 150 pieces on Oct 26, 2012, distributed to partners, employees, sponsors/supporters of the ASO as well as to the participants of charity event in December 2012.

   Information flyer for promotion project "retirement home".

Humanitarian aid from our ASB partners from Helmstedt

Raffle for the 5-year anniversary of the ASO


   In 2010 ASO celebrated 5 years of activity which was celebrated in the City Council Meeting Room Orăștie, during which a raffle was launched entitled "You win a Logan and you make a poor man happy", Raffle taking place in period september 11-october 15, 2010.

Experiences with the german partner ASB


   In the 8 year activity and cooperation with the ASB Helmstedt, ther was mutually visits, tours, and lively exchanges.


Mutual visits

Events were ASO was represented:


   Participation in the development strategy for Orăștie among other 120 participants from Orăștie that are working in diverse areas.

   Participation with the city Orăștie and other NOG's and local governments from the inland (9 municipalities, 6 cities, 4 towns, for two workshops as part of a project of the Trust for Civil Society in Central & Eastern Europe in Sinaia.

   Participation in 3 seminars financed by funds from the EU concerning "consolidation of the Centre for Resource", NOD's operating in the district o Timiș, Arad and Hunedoara in the field of social services, under the auspices of the Foundation of Social Services Bethany Timișoara in cooperation with the Directorate of social Welfare and Child Protection Hunedoara in 2009.

   Participation to the information and instruction of the funding POR 3.2. Structural funds 2007-2013, in Arad City Hall, organizers ADR Vest-Timișoara.

   Participation in the International Confernce "Social services and medical care in Romania: Needs and Solutions", 7-8 October 2010 in Bucharest, organizer FUNDAȚIA de Sprijin Comunitar foundation of community support Bacău, support of the Norvegian Co-operation Programme for Economic Development in Romania.

   2012-2013 Participation in the forum of regional communicators in Sighișoara/Sighisoar, Bran/Bran and Mamaia.

   Participation in June 2013 in Hunedoara/Iron Market Seminar on "opportunities for rapid return to work after the birth of a child solutions for young mothers" in the context of EU funding.


Seminars, workshops, round table discussions

Events with participation of ASO


   March 2013 there was an exercise of civil protection Orăștie where we participated with a paramedic and a emergency medical technician. Exercise was together with the police, gendarmerie and fire rescue department.

Award "7 for Orăștie"


   June 2011, we have been honored at the gala "7 for Orăștie", which was organized by the local station Radio Color Orăștie to its 15-year existence. We received the award for the best NOG besides businessmen, doctors, athletes, professional teachers. As recognized value is the activity and the use of the nominalized.




   Arbeiter Samariter Bund –Germany

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